Gryphon Park
Scotland 2004:

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Saint Magnus

The magnificent red sandstone Saint Magnus Cathedral is located in the Orkney Mainland's largest city, Kirkwall

The Nordic influence on Orkney can been seen in these grave stones.

Light from the stained glass windows falling on a pillar in the cathedral.

Broch of Gurness

Brochs were defensive fortifications. This one was built around 200AD. 

Highland Cows

Orginating the Highlands of Scotland, the Highland Breed is well adapted for the region's rugged climates.


We visited three distillerys in Scotland, Oban, Glenmorangie and Highland Park. Oban is the middle of the town of Oban and for this reason it remains a pretty small distillery. Despite being a small distillery, Oban produces truly great whisky. Oban 14 is one of my favorites. The pictures below were taken at the Glemorangie distillery which is in a very picturesque setting in Ross-shire.