Gryphon Park
Scotland 2004:

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We found Edinburgh to be a thoroughly charming city. In Old Town Edinburgh, the old buildings evoke a sense of the history they have seen over the centuries they have stood. You can feel the rich texture of time woven into the tapestry of the place, from medieval times to the present.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is on top of a huge rock at the center of town. That setting provided a huge defensive advantage to early rulers of this area. The walk up to the castle is steep, but the climb is rewarded with a sweeping view over the city. Beyond the view, the castle is a must-see as it is steeped in the history of Scotland.

Royal Mile

The Royal Mile, which runs from the Castle to Holyrood Palace, is a surprisingly nice walk. Although there are many tourist shops, they have not overly influenced the atmosphere. While walking the Royal Mile, there is a harmonious sense of an intermingling of the past with Edinburgh's vibrant contemporary energy.