Gryphon Park

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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park tends to get second billing to Yellowstone both on this website and just about everywhere else. If Grand Teton was not adjoining to America's premier national park, it would be more well-known. It's more scenic than Yellowstone and it's also the place to see moose. We saw a number of moose but not close enough to get any good pictures. The rangers spend a lot time warning the visitors to keep their distance from the moose since, unlike most other animals, moose will charge people just for fun.

Ox Bow Bend

One of the most scenic views in the Tetons, the Ox Bow Bend can get overrun with photographers at sunset. The evening we were there, it was tough to find tripod space.

Around the tetons

These aspen trees display their fall color among the pine trees.

Along the Moose-Wilson Road