Gryphon Park
Pacific Northwest 2002:

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Olympic National Park

Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh Rain Forest is on the western edge of Olympic National Park. It is one of the only virgin temparate rain forests remaining in the United States. We had to hike with minimal stopping on the trail through the rain forest, because even a 15 second break resulted in a swarm of hungry mosquitos descending on us.

Hoh Rain Forest Fungus in Hoh Rain Forest

Kalaloch Beach

Hoh Rain Forest Kalaloch Beach is on the southern part of the Olympic Coastal Strip where the beaches and road come together.

Mount Rainier

After finishing our tour of the Olympic Peninsula, we headed southwest to Mount Rainier National Park. There's no photo of the mountain itself as the day we were there was typical of Pacific Northwest weather and therefore it was too cloudy for us to get a good, clear shot of the mountain. Nevertheless, the views of Mount Rainier and its glaciers at the top of the road to Sunrise were lovely to our eyes--even if we weren't able to capture that loveliness on film. We were hoping after the Olympic Peninsula to escape clear cuts and less-than-friendly establishments. Unfortunately, we found both to be worse instead of better in the area around Mount Rainier National Park. Hoh Rain Forest