Gryphon Park
Europe Fall 2001:

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Paris is spectacular. The city has an impressive reputation and lives up to it. In addition to the many famous sites, the food is wonderful, particularly the pastries. Many of the streets are lined with charming 18th century buildings. The Metro is a pleasure to use, taking you anywhere in the city you want to go.

Paris by Night

Paris is at its most charming after dark. Most of the monuments are lighted at night. The Eiffel Tower is interesting during the day, but lighted at night it's a commanding sight to behold.

Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle was Louis the IX's private chapel. It is built in the French High Gothic style, but is much smaller than other Gothic style Cathedrals. The interior is beautifully restored and shows the lovely painted walls and ceilings that were common features in cathedrals when they were built. The paint has worn away and has not been repainted in most other cathedrals.


Chartres is one of the best preserved medieval cathedrals in Europe and is famous for its collection of stained glass windows. In addition to the beautiful stained glass windows, the exterior sculpture is also impressive. Both the sculpture and the stained glass are benefiting from the extensive restoration currently being carried out. The restoration makes the stained glass windows much more vibrant.