Gryphon Park
Yellowstone 2000:

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Yellowstone National Park

We spent two weeks of May roaming around both Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks. Yellowstone's wildlife and thermal features (geysers, hot pools, bubbling mud) are true wonders to behold. Grand Teton park is just south of Yellowstone and has spectacular scenery.

The Madison River

Sunset on the Madison River The road out to the west entrance of the park follows the Madison River from the Madison Junction most of the way to the western boundary of the park. Since we stayed just outside the west entrance in the town of West Yellowstone, Montana, we often drove the road late in the day. One evening we were fortunate to catch this sunset over the Madison River.
Swans on the Madison River These two swans are nesting pair on the Madison River. They are a photographer's and wildlife watcher's dream since they spend a lot of their time near the shore collecting food. We saw the same pair on our trip last year as well.
Buffalo and Calf Since the banks of the Madison river are quite lush and the winters are less harsh in this valley than the rest of the park, it's an ideal place for buffalo and elk to graze.