Gryphon Park
Ireland 2000:

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Lough Gur

Grange Stone Circle

Our last stop on our way back to Shannon Airport was Lough Gur. The area surrounding Lough Gur is very rich in both megalithic sites and archeological finds. The Grange Circle at Lough Gur is the largest in Ireland with 118 stones. Near the main circle is a smaller one.

Standing in the center of the circle brought me a sense of peace. I wondered whether my sense of peace was due something marked or created by the circle or was due to a focusing of my mind from the circle.

Heading Home

Lough Gur was our last site. We drove on to Limerick and stayed the night in a B&B. We headed back to Shannon Airport where we had arrived two weeks earlier. That morning the weather was very grey and overcast even by Irish standards. As our plane rose through the clouds we caught just a few glimpses of the landscape below. It was the same patchwork of the glowing green fields and stone walls we had seen on our flight in. It was time for us to say to goodbye to Ireland, for now. However, we're are sure to return to experience both the beauty of the scenery and the magic of experiencing 6000 years of history on one island.