Gryphon Park

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Four Days in San Diego

Even in January, San Diego is a warm, sunny and inviting getaway. The summer crowds are nowhere to be seen and the days are in the 70's.

La Jolla

La Jolla Sunset Although I found La Jolla to be pretentious and too densely populated, the striking beauty of its coastline makes it easy to understand why those who can afford to live there choose to do so.

La Jolla Sunset La Jolla Sunset

Balboa Park

Balboa Park Orchid Balboa Park is full of wonders. This orchid is one of the fine specimens in the Botanical Building.

San Diego Zoo

Orangutan at San Diego Zoo Our favorite exhibit at the San Diego Zoo were the orangutans. While the orangutans at the San Diego Zoo are well cared for, wild orangtuans are endangered and in need of protection. Find out how you can help the Balikpapan Organgutan Society save orangtuans from extinction here.

Birds of Paradise

Cabrillo Monument